Gallo Mechanical Services is co-owned by Gallo Mechanical which, founded in 1945, has grown to become today one of the largest mechanical contractors in Louisiana. The mission of Gallo Mechanical Services is to provide facility owners, after construction is complete, through the lifecycle of their facility, with premium service and warranty support.

It is through the combination of our unwavering dedication and commitment to our customers, along with support from our experienced staff of field personnel and inside technical resources, that Gallo Mechanical Services will provide continued support and optimization of your facility.

We know that your facility is critical to your mission, whether education, healthcare, hospitality, commercial office, production or religious facility.  Throughout the building’s life, proper preventative maintenance, repairs, retrofits, and replacements are required to provide increased reliability, decreased downtime and optimized performance.  Gallo Mechanical Services provides these critical services based on facility systems and operations to ensure the very best support over the lifetime of a facility long after the original construction is complete.

Gallo Mechanical Services extends the life and efficiency of your equipment and reduces overall long term costs of ownership and utility usage. We provide optimum solutions to your facility systems during any point in its long life.  When the time comes for designing and installing expanding HVAC systems to meet your demanding needs, the Gallo family of companies is there to support you.

Gallo Mechanical has a legacy of designing and installing HVAC and plumbing systems that meet your demanding needs.  At Gallo Mechanical Services, our services don’t just focus on the individual components of a system, but the entire system.  This system approach to your facility provides the additional benefit of optimal performance and peace of mind.

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