Repair Service

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Gallo Mechanical Services provides a wide range of HVAC and control repair services.   

Your facility is critical to your mission, whether education, healthcare, hospitality, commercial office, production, or religious facility.  Throughout its life, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and control systems do fail and need quick, responsive, professional repair.  These repairs are often mission critical, time and budget sensitive.

Gallo Mechanical Services is a local leader with trained service technicians to handle repairs and replacement for all your HVAC needs.  From replacement belts, fan motor replacements and repairs, pump repairs, compressors, and chiller services; our technicians have the needed experience and network of support suppliers to quickly and efficiently repair your system needs.  We are on-call 24/7 to provide quick response when required in the most critical of situations.  

Repair Service available for your entire HVAC system including:

•    Condensing unit repairs – replacement coils, contactors, compressors, controls
•    Packaged roof top units – compressors, coils, starters, controls, fans
•    Chiller repairs – compressors, controls, starters, contactors, coils, fans
•    Air Handling repairs – belts, blowers, motors
•    Electrical repairs – contactors, starters, variable frequency drives
•    Pumps – motors, couplings,
•    Cooling tower repairs – belts, motors, fan blades, fill, nozzles, and gearboxes
•    Humidification – desiccant dryers, motors, controls
•    Plumbing – valves, control valves, insulation
•    Refrigerant monitors

Gallo Mechanical Services has a legacy of designing and installing HVAC systems to meet your demanding needs.  Our repair services don’t just focus on the individual components of a system, but the entire system.  This system approach to your facility provides the additional benefit of optimal performance and peace of mind.