Our Approach

Any small or large projects are handled efficiently and within budget constraints; Gallo will not overlook small work or the largest projects.

Gallo Mechanical has participated as a subcontractor and prime contractor in many of the most complicated and sizable projects in the state.

The complete mechanical systems are performed on all projects, including site utilities, plumbing, air conditioning, duct work, controls, piping, etc. on all commercial projects.

All piping and related work for industrial and municipal projects are performed efficiently with our own forces.


What We Do

>> Design / Build
>> BIM
>> Fabrication

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Gallo Mechanical’s Pre-Construction and BIM departments have the capabilities to provide for all aspects of design/build work and have completed a multitude of large projects in the area.

Along with the TEAM concept of construction, Gallo has had the ability to budget input before plans are drawn, whereby conceptual design is priced in such a manner to allow an owner to make a financial decision about a project long before formal plans are completed.

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BIM (Building Information Modeling) is the drafting standard for Gallo Mechanical. Our 3D duct, piping, and plumbing drawings drive our fabrication process.

In addition to the production of the 3D drawings, we are proficient at building modeling software for use as collision detection between our mechanical systems as well as other trades modeled systems. We will deliver a turnkey federated mechanical model to the customer for their use in a complete building BIM model.

Once models are coordinated, we use our modeled system’s coordinates along with a Trimble Total Station to layout underground piping, pipe hangers, and duct hangers within a 1/8” to 1/4" accuracy. This process allows us to layout extremely quick and ensures that our pre-fabricated pipe and duct will be installed per modeled locations.

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Gallo Mechanical’s fabrication facilities are capable of pre-fabricating HVAC Pipe, Plumbing Pipe, HVAC Sheet Metal, and Mechanical Supports. Our fabrication shops have state of the art equipment and tooling for cutting and joining any and all Piping (steel, cast iron, copper, PVC, Aquatherm) and Sheet Metal Systems.

Using BIM to provide accurate models, we can spool and assemble pipe/ductwork and fittings well before it arrives on to a job, drastically decreasing on site material storage and installation time. By pre-fabricating as much pipe and ductwork as possible in a well-managed, controlled environment, we are able to mass produce pre-cut hangers/rods, pipe spool assembles and ductwork while maintaining a high quality of work in order to minimize re-work.

Fabrication Director: Ray McDonald

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